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Air Conditioning

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General Electric

In one way or the other, electricity lies at the centre of our lives and powers our modern world. This means that, if electrical systems aren’t working the way they’re supposed to, our lives slow down. 


Alarm Systems

I specialize in the installation of electrical appliances and systems in homes, and alarm systems are right up my alley! 


PV Solar

Solar panelling is all about long-term energy saving and long-term cost savings.  If you want a perfect solar energy system that’s truly reliable, with a price that’s honest and fair, try Malcolm Electrical.


Camera Installation

Are you looking for security cameras and installation services? Malcolm Electrical has got you covered.


Appliance Repair

If your appliance is leaking, making a strange noise, or has simply stopped working, then it is time to schedule appliance repair services.



If you’re having some trouble deciding which heat pump to use, you could give us a call, and we’ll help you out.


“We have been using Mike’s services since we moved to Christchurch 10 years ago. He and his assistant have always been friendly and obliging, and at a reasonable price. They have tackled a range of challenging jobs for us. We recently moved to a new house, and are particularly pleased with our new solar system – a neat and tidy installation on an awkward roof. Mike has also retro-fitted an LED lighting system throughout and come up with some other power-saving ideas.”

John Hicks

“I have engaged Malcolm Electrical multiple times over the last 8+ years from rewiring older homes, installing heat pumps, upgrading to more efficient products, and a sizable alteration including new kitchen with new appliances. The service is prompt and efficient. The team is friendly and the advice and recommendations given are always top-notch. The workmanship is to a high standard. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

Alistair Kirkland

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